Why Us


We provide quality services for a variety of telecom products. At Advanced we strive to be the best and also provide the best.
The Advanced Advantage consists of eight fundamentals:


The Advanced team comprises of more than 150 highly skilled and committed professionals. They are lead by an experienced and proven management team..


We have an ever-growing network of reliable channel partners that deliver. Reaching far out and deep down in India, we have now branched out beyond India as well.


We are associated with renowned brands such as Lenovo, Dell and Panasonic, Blackberry, Motorola, Philips, HTC, Sony Ericsson, etc.
We have recently launched Fox Mobiles, internationally.


As we grow, not only do we innovate in our core areas of distribution and logistics but also in the technological sphere with a keen interest in Mobile Handsets, Wearable and IoT.

Smooth Sales Process Management

An absolute understanding of the sales process and its management by our seasoned team, enables a process that is smooth and easy.

Fast Decision Making

Our organization is as lean and fit as it can be to make fast decisions, keeping us a notch above the industry standards.

Excellent Supply Chain Management

The supply chain management receives utmost attention from our dedicated team to maintain a great rapport with our suppliers as well as our channel partners. That’s why our channel is 100% satisfied with us!

Acute Commercial Awareness

We have a comprehensive and ground level understanding of commercial operations and market opportunities to stay on top of any game.